Why Your Home’s Ceiling is Leaking

If you notice that your ceiling is leaking, it’s easy to believe that it’s the roof letting in some water. However, it’s important to not assume it’s your roof if you notice water damage on the ceiling or spot other signs of a leak. Water travels, and if there’s a leak, water may be traveling down from another area of your home, dripping onto the ceiling, cause you to believe it’s the roof. While your homeowners insurance in Antioch, CA protects your home in many ways, finding the source of a leaking ceiling can help to repair it that much quicker.

The roof is leaking. It’s possible for water to get under roof flashing, between shingles, and broken siding. If your leak only occurs in stormy weather, then there’s a good change your leak is on the roof. Bear in mind that water can be diverted through attic insulation, rafters, pipes, and ductwork, so pinpointing the exact entry point may need professional assistance.

The gutters are full. Leaves, debris, and dirt – it’s easy for your gutters to get clogged up, especially in winter. However, this means that the pipes and downspouts can’t do their job properly. Water may build up in a clogged gutter and pool, resulting in a leaky ceiling – among other disasters!

A pipe is leaking. Dripping water or wet spots in a room underneath a bathroom should raise red flags. This can be because of clogged drainpipes or damaged water supply lines. Whatever the case, you may need plumbing assistance to stop the leak.

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