Choose to give back during this giving season to your local community in need.

The holiday season welcomes festivities, gift-giving, and spending quality time with loved ones. What many of us forget around this time of year is that December also offers us lots of opportunities to give back to our local community. To help others and get in the season of gift-giving, check out a few of these ways to give back to those in need this year.

Spend time at a senior citizen home. Call up your local senior home and ask if you can volunteer some time. Whether you help tidy up or tend to the elderly’s needs, you’re sure to get a sense of fulfillment out of it. You may even get to hear an exciting story about their personal experiences!

Make an extra plate. Cook enough dinner for one adult each week and take a plate over to an elderly neighbor. Communities with camaraderie among neighbors tend to be safer and friendlier.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Soup kitchens often need an extra pair of hands – especially around the holidays. Help to serve up hot and hearty food to the needy and homeless by dedicating a couple of evenings at your local soup kitchen.

Help animals in need of a forever home. Shelters and rescues are always in need of foster homes to host an adoptable animal, but not everyone has the time or space for another pet. However, the volunteer opportunities don’t end there. Become a shelter pet teacher and help animals to learn to sit, stay, and walk calmly around others. Take photos of the adorable pets and post them online – you might just be the reason a friend or co-worker connects with their next beloved pet.

Donate to a charitable cause. Think about a cause close to your heart. Find out of there is a local charity that you can donate money to in order to help the cause and spread awareness. Post why the cause is so close to you on your social media accounts so that more people can be inspired to help by your story.

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