Does Your Business Provide the Top Millennial Employee Benefits?

Top Millennial Employee BenefitsRead on to learn the top Millennial employee benefits that your business should provide.

Every business wants to attract, employ, and maintain top working talent. Fortunately, this comes easily with a good role, top perks, and a relaxed work environment. While many businesses are still gearing their benefit packages towards Generation X and Y, the Millennials are the upcoming workforce.

These employees are completely different from the older generations. Millennials are now the largest set of employees that are shaping the way we do business. This group of workers is interested in work-life integration, making the pieces of their professional life and personal life align so that they integrate seamlessly.

While you’ve adapted your business to the changing time of technology and Facebook, it’s time to update your benefits to suit your (future) employees. Here are the top Millennial employee benefits you should consider providing:

Unlimited Paid Time Off – As the line between professional and personal time becomes blurred with the younger generations, giving employees more freedom over their time off is incredibly beneficial.

Work from Home – Millennials hate to feel like they’re confined to their desks. In keeping with the work-life integration, three out of five Millennials expect to be able to work remotely.

Health Incentives – Now, most mid-sized to large employers are offering some kind of investment in wellness initiatives. Employees are looking for more than just a gym membership; they want stress management plans, yoga classes, and financial advice!

A Flexible Schedule – Whether they have a newborn baby, an elderly parent, or a ton of errands to run, allowing your employees to maintain a flexible schedule will make it possible for them to sustain work-life balance.

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