How to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car 

To most of us, pets are members of our families. They make great friends, you can talk to them without judgment, and they brighten our day every day! We can love our dogs so much that we want to take them everywhere we go. Whether you’re planning a long road trip or are simply popping out to see relatives, you may consider taking your dog with you. So that your ride is safe and enjoyable, check out these tips.

Safety First

A dog that is left loose and free to roam in the car is a real safety risk. He or she could step on the button that controls the windows and can distract you from looking at what’s ahead. You owe it to both of you to restrain him or her. Some dogs love a crate in the trunk, the others like a soft cave in the passenger seat to relax in. Either way, make sure you have a safe place to put your dog.

Heat Kills

Never ever leave your dog in your car if it’s warm outside. Cracking a window open a few inches isn’t going to help when the inside of the vehicle is scorching hot. It’s not worth the risk.

Take Plenty of Water

Keep Fido hydrated by bringing his own drinking water with you, even if it’s a short trip. You can buy nifty little water bottles and collapsible bowls so you’re never caught short of a drink for your dog.

Bring Toys

If your dog has a favorite blanket or toy, bring it along! Something familiar will help him or her to feel more comfortable while on route.

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