Three Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day isn’t far away (June 21), and many people are wondering how best to celebrate this day in the current situation. Families usually use this time to celebrate their fathers with gifts, a nice day out, and a great meal. However, we’re not entirely sure what to expect from Father’s Day 2020.


Make Your Dad Smile This Father’s Day


Sit down for a virtual meal

If you can’t meet your dad in person, plan to eat at the same time and join a video call to enjoy your meals together. You could get a meal kit sent to your dad’s house and you can enjoy spending some quality e-time together.


Give him a call

Pick up the phone and give your dad a good old fashioned phone call. This works well when your dad isn’t tech-savvy or comfortable enough to do a video call.


Send him an I.O.U.

Plan to spend a special day together once the crisis has passed. You could spend a day out or go out for a meal – just let him know by sending a card and a promise of a way you can spend time together when places reopen.


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