Auto insurance antioch caWhich Car Is Right For Your Teen?

With graduation season in full swing, you are probably spending some time thinking about your teenaged son or daughter’s future. While high school graduation may still be on the horizon, if your teen is just about ready to get his or her driver’s license you are looking at another type of graduation. When your teen graduates to the status of licensed driver, you will probably start thinking about the right vehicle for him or her to drive. So you can make the most of this time, here are a few car shopping tips.

  • Study Safety: You will of course want to ensure that your teen driver is protected out on the road, both from his or her own inexperience and from other drivers. Check data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to ensure you buy a safe vehicle.
  • Reflect On Reliability: You would never want your teen to be left stranded roadside after a breakdown or facing expensive repair bills, so choose a model that has a high reliability rating.
  • Look At Longevity: Is this a vehicle that has a reputation of running for years, or is it likely your young driver will need a new ride in a few years? When investing in a car for or with your teen, make sure it will meet his or her long-term needs.
  • Investigate Insurance: Your local insurance agent can help you discern which cars will help you keep your cost of coverage down even while insuring an inexperienced driver.

Of course, before you let your teen driver head out on the road, you need to ensure he or she has the legally-mandated auto insurance. To get the protection your young driver needs, contact Jack Stone Insurance Agency serving. We have years of experience helping drivers get the coverage they need and are here to serve you. For all of your California auto insurance needs in the Antioch and Brentwood, California areas, call us today!

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