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5 Frequent Renters Insurance Myths Explained

Renters insurance is a crucial but often overlooked aspect of safeguarding your personal belongings in a rented space. Despite its importance, numerous misconceptions surrounding renters insurance can leave tenants unprotected and uninformed. This blog will tell five familiar renters insurance myths to help you make informed decisions about protecting your valuables. Myth 1: My Landlord’s Insurance Covers My Belongings One

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Five Biggest Renters Insurance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Renters insurance protects a tenant from liability claims and property damage emanating from perils such as theft, vandalism, fire, and some natural disasters. Despite this, only about 40% of tenants in the U.S. have this coverage. While some are just oblivious of their insurance needs, others have intentionally foregone renter’s insurance coverage due to the misconceptions they hold about it.

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