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Are You Covered for an Earthquake If You Own a Condo?

Condo owners, especially those in California, have often been at a loss when it comes to finding and purchasing earthquake insurance for their homes. For many years, purchasing earthquake insurance coverage was impossible for condo owners. You had to rely on your HOA or other management organization that had control over the property where your condo was located. Now with

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Home Insurance Insight From The Experts

Covering Your House 101 You know that homeowners insurance is a product you should have, but many people’s understanding stops there. Unfortunately, that can leave them unsure exactly how their policy will protect them when it comes time to use it. So you are not left in the dark, here are a few key components of your home insurance policy

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What You Need To Know When Investing in Home Insurance

Homeowners Insurance Basics Buying a house is a huge financial commitment. Between your mortgage payments and utility bills, you also have to think about your home insurance payment. Since you do not want to skimp out on coverage and leave your home vulnerable, make sure that you know these facts about home insurance. What is covered? – standard homeowners insurance policies will

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