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All You Need to Know About Finding the Right Condo Insurance

Finding condo insurance coverage is generally seen as being more complicated than traditional home insurance coverage. While you research coverage, speak with your lender and go over your condo association guide. Your condo association guide includes a master policy. This policy notes the extent of coverage available for damages to common areas and outside walls. Your condo may have a

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Will My Condo Insurance Policy Cover Water Damage?

As a condo owner, the responsibility of insuring your unit lies with you, according to the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners). This means, if a leak in your condo causes water damage, it’s typically your responsibility and not the HOA’s (Homeowners Association). Does Condo Insurance Policy Cover Water Damage? Your condo insurance policy water coverage will generally cover water

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How Condo Insurance Differs From Home Insurance

The Difference Between Condo and Home Insurance A key difference between owning a condo or a home is that you’re responsible for insuring. When you purchase a home, you’re responsible for the interior and exterior, along with the land surrounding it. With condos, you’re typically only responsible for the inside of your living space. Check out some of the key

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