Summer Staycation IdeasNot jet-setting this season? Check out these summer staycation ideas.

Not all of us can afford an international holiday or long vacation in the next state. You don’t have to travel around the world to have a relaxing vacation this summer – there’s plenty to do in your own neighborhood. If you’re looking for that R&R-feel without the price tag of flights and a hotel, check out these summer staycation ideas!

Put down the T.V. remote and enjoy your summer with these activities!

Go to your nearest park.
The National Park Service has a “Find Your Park” tool that will show you nearby natural habitats. Of course, there are local parks which you can enjoy, too. Take a day trip with your family to benefit from the beauty around you, have a picnic, and pick up a Frisbee.

Take a break from technology.
One of the many benefits of an international holiday is that your carrier charges you an arm and a leg for texting and surfing the web. As a result, we don’t use our phones as often. Get the most out of your downtime by detaching yourself from technology for certain hours per day or days at a time!

Splurge on a new class.
Salsa dancing? Pilates? Baking? The classes are endless! Explore the different skill sets that you can learn by taking local classes that will have you breaking out of your routine in no time!

Host a party.
Nothing quite kicks off the summer like a fun party! Gather your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to enjoy the summer sunshine, a healthy barbeque, and great conversation.

Enjoy the great outdoors.
This idea is a little open-ended. You may enjoy nature by going to the park (see above), hiking in your local hills, or camping out in the back garden. Part of the fun that summer brings is making the most of going outside!

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