Summer Risks to Your House – and How to Prevent Them

Barbecues, days in the sun, and warm evenings – summer is certainly a wonderful time of the year. Unfortunately, like all seasons, summer does come with its own risks. To help protect your family and property, take a look at these seasonal hazards to watch out for.


Preparing Your Home for Summer Risks



Hot weather means open windows and doors. Homeowners don’t always remember to close and lock them when they go out or into the backyard to relax. That could be an open invitation to thieves and could result in damage to your building and possessions. Aim to get into the habit of keeping the front doors and windows locked when you’re in the backyard, and to double-check all doors and windows before leaving the house.



With the rise of barbecues, dry brush, and summer candles, fires are likely occurrences in summer. Ensure you follow barbecue safety such as never leaving it unattended, placing it far away from flammable objects, and only using the appropriate fuel source. Also, spend some time disposing of dry brush around your property.



We’re not the only ones enjoying the sunshine! Wasps, bees, and ants are also out and about. Be sure to keep insects of out your house by closing doors and windows, and seal up cracks in walls.


Being mindful of these tips can help protect your property during summer. When you’re ready to secure a quality homeowners insurance coverage, talk to the friendly experts at Jack Stone Insurance Agency. We serve Antioch, Brentwood, and surrounding cities in California. Contact us today to get started!

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