Store your Summer Toys with These Simple Tips

Now that summer is officially over and the cooler fall temperatures are here, it is the perfect time to make sure that your summer toys are properly stored. Keep these simple tips in mind to make sure that your boat and RV are safely stored and ready when the weather heats back up.

For your boat:

  • Make sure to clean both the inside and outside of your boat. Look for any cracks in the hull that should be repaired before the next boating season.
  • Completely fill up the gas tank to avoid condensation that can damage the gas tank. Also make sure to add a fuel stabilizer to prevent any fuel degradation.
  • Take out any electronics, such as the radio and GPS, as well as any safety gear, such as the fire extinguisher and flares. Store them in a cool, dry place to make sure that they are in good condition for next year.
  • Keep the floorboards and upholstery at an angle to help with air flow and circulation.

For your RV:

  • Clean the inside and outside of your RV. Apply a wax to the outside of the RV to help keep it free of dirt and dust while in storage.
  • Check the tire pressure to make sure that it is at the right level. Repair any small leaks before putting the RV in storage.
  • Take out any perishable food items from the refrigerator and cabinets. Leave the fridge slightly open to help air circulate while in storage.

Even though you will not be using your boat or RV in the cool fall and winter weather, it is just as important as ever to make sure that they are covered with the right insurance policy. Contact the insurance experts at Jack Stone Insurance Agency, Inc. in Brentwood, California for all of your insurance coverage needs.

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