Spring Safety Driving Tips

Spring is a wonderful season with all the blooming flowers and spring showers. With winter slowly fading into the background, motorists think that roads are safe again. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Spring showers can bring flooding, there may be new potholes in the road from winter, and animals and cyclists are also more active during spring. While your auto insurance in Antioch, CA may help you survive the season, here are some spring safety tips for the road.

Check Your Lights

Spring rain might cause low visibility so make sure your lights are working before you set off. Check the headlights, reverse lights, taillights, parking lights, brake lights, and turn signals.

Top Up the Tires

Harsh winter weather can deflate tires so make sure that your wheels have enough air once springtime rolls around. Blown tires are common in spring and can cause major accidents.

Watch Out for Animals

During dusk and dawn, animals are most active. It’s important to drive slowly and watch out for them as deer have the tendency to cross the road at unexpected times.

Replace Wiper Blades

If your car has worn-out wiper blades, they might not be able to clear water away from your windshield. You should check your wiper blades and if not, replace them. You should ensure that you have optimum visibility on the roads for all the added hazards, such as cyclists, motorbikes, and animals.

Drive Carefully and Slow Down

If it starts raining, immediately slow down. Oil and leaked fluids can mix with the rainwater and create a very slippery road surface. What’s more, stopping distances increase when the roads are wet, so be sure to watch your speed and leave more room between yourself and the vehicle in front.

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