What to Think About Before Adding Solar Panels to Your Home

Consider these factors before adding solar panels to your home.

Whether you’re an eco-warrior or simply looking to cut down your electricity bills (or a bit of both), you may have considered adding solar panels to your home. These nifty panels use the sun’s solar energy to create energy that your home can run on, cutting down your carbon footprint and your energy bills in one go. Before you start measuring your roof for the best panels, consider these points first.

Assess Your Roof

Get a professional to inspect your roof. An old home, weak roof, or termites in the attic may hinder the chances of your home being able to support solar panels. As long as your home and roof are in good condition, you will be able to move forward.

View the Options

Gone are the days where it was one type of solar panel or none at all. Now some models are rimless, that can withstand high winds, and that fit unique roof shapes. Consider what your home needs before selecting a make and model. It’s best to avoid the cheap panels that could cause you more money in maintenance and repairs down the road.

Contact a Contractor

Seek out a local professional contractor in your area that knows solar panels. Ask around, search online, and call a few up to enquire about their services. If you’re lucky, a contractor may be able to offer discounts on maintenance to existing customers.

Tick the Boxes

If you live in an area that requires permission before adding solar panels, always inform and ask your council well in advance. There may be costs and applications associated with this step, so take your time to ensure you’re doing it correctly.

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