Six Of The Best Banana Benefits

Banana BenefitsEat Bananas, Get These Benefits

The banana has long been a staple in brown bag lunches for its portability, ease of eating, and (of course) nutrients. Do you know just how good bananas are for you, though? These yellow fruit offer a wide range of reasons to chow down.

Bananas have a number of benefits you may not yet be unlocking. To help you get the most from this fruit, here is a quick guide to the best banana benefits.

  • Your body needs probiotics to balance the bacteria in your gut. Without probiotics, you could experience body-wide inflammation. Fortunately, bananas contain fructooligosaccharides, which help healthy bacteria grow. In other words, bananas are a natural and easy way to get probiotics.
  • Because they contain potassium, bananas can help lower your blood pressure and decrease the amount of cortisol in your body, helping you feel less stressed.
  • Bananas contain high levels of Vitamin C. This vitamin is crucial in maximizing your time at the gym because it helps strengthen your ligaments, muscles, and tendons.
  • Need to fall asleep but finding dreamland elusive? Bite into a banana. This fruit contains tryptophan, which helps your brain produce the natural sedative of serotonin.
  • If you feel a headache starting to come on, grab a banana. The magnesium bananas contain can drive away a headache or migraine.
  • Bananas can also yield benefits externally. Apply a mashed banana to your face for fifteen minutes to minimize discoloration on your skin, or blend banana, whole milk and honey and comb it through your hair. After 20 minutes, wash it out for lustrous locks.

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