Fend Off Stress with These Tips


We live in a fast-paced world and stress can come from just about anywhere. With the recent virus outbreak, it’s normal to feel stressed in daily life. However, chronic stress can hurt our physical and mental health. If you are feeling stressed while at work, there are some steps to help you overcome it. To benefit your health and career, read on.


Work on your communication skills. Talking through your concerns with a manager or co-worker in a calm and reasoned manner can go a long way toward reducing stress in the workplace. Getting someone else’s input and insight can help you see things clearly and they can even help to take some work from your plate.


Learn to say no. If you are that person at work who always helps people when they ask, it may be time to change. Saying yes to every request can lead you to burn out quickly and hinder your overall work performance. Know how much work you can take on and cap it by saying no when things get too hectic.


Practice deep breathing. Suddenly feel stressed at work? Deep breathing is something you can do at your place of work to instantly feel less anxious. Take a few minutes to focus on deep breathing, following the breath from the inhale to the exhale. You’ll be amazed at how effective it can be.


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