Help to protect your teenager behind the wheel with a safe car and reliable auto insurance in Antioch. 

Is your son or daughter about to start driving? As a parent, that leaves you with a choice: What kind of car is best for your child? Of course, many parents don’t help their children out with a car purchase, but for those who do, we’ve made a list of what to consider.

Research Before You Shop

Typically, a first car should be a used vehicle as it is likely the teen will mark it with a few bumps and scratches while getting used to the roads. Research is key in terms of making sure you’re paying the right price, especially if it is a used car. Once you’ve determined your budget, you’ll want to look for vehicles with a high safety crash rating. You can view the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s test results to get a better idea of how certain vehicles react in a crash.

Opt for a Safe Model

For teenagers and new drivers, it’s generally best to avoid fast and sporty cars. Powerful engines and fast vehicles can be tempting for teens and, in inexperienced hands, could be a recipe for disaster. Not only can these cars cause more accidents, but they are expensive to insure and even more expensive to replace in the event of a disaster! Opt for larger, heavier vehicles instead.

Avoid Car Modifications

Young drivers should avoid choosing a car that has after-market modifications, such as alloy wheels, body kits, and spoilers. This encourages teens to show off, lowering their focus on the roads, and may increase the cost of the vehicle and insurance.

Secure Insurance

While nothing can replace safe driving habits, auto insurance can help parents and teens, too. Ensure that your teenager has reliable, secure car insurance that can help you, your family, your wallet, and vehicle if there is an incident or accident.

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