Benefits of Renter’s Insurance for Tenants 

When you move into a new apartment, the first thing you should think about is securing renter’s insurance. Even so, this thought is often far from people’s minds when they are busy packing and unpacking. In an era when a renter’s insurance policy costs less than a coffee each month, why is it that almost two-thirds of all renters are uninsured? Read on to find out how you can benefit from renter’s insurance coverage.

Your landlord does not protect you.

Your landlord’s insurance covers the structure of your place and any furnishings that they own inside, but it doesn’t cover you or your stuff. That means, if a fire or natural disaster destroys the building, you will be left to repair and replace all of your belongings – not your landlord. From your laptop to your electronics to your clothing and furniture, your possessions add up to more than you’d think.

Renter’s insurance covers you.

Renter’s insurance covers your personal property, temporary living expenses, personal liability and medical bills. This means that if your belongings are stolen or destroyed in a covered peril, your policy will kick in to help repair and replace them. If you need to move out temporarily because a peril destroyed the building, your coverage can help to pay for hotel bills, food, and laundry. Additionally, renter’s insurance coverage also extends to legal fees and medical expenses.

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