What You Didn’t Know About Renter’s Insurance in Antioch

Renter’s Insurance in Antioch Coverage

These facts about renter’s insurance in Antioch may surprise you.

For many of us, a home of our own is what we plan for, save for, and strive so hard to achieve. And although buying a home is far down the line of perfecting credit scores, packing up belongings, and finding the right house with the perfect picket fence outside, renting is a reliable option. What most renters don’t remember is that their landlord’s insurance won’t cover their personal property in a disaster. What’s more, without renter’s insurance in Antioch, disasters can set you back financially, making the vision of owning your own home a distant dream.

Even though what you don’t know about renter’s insurance won’t kill you, it’s wise to know what you’re buying. Here’s what you didn’t know (and may like to know) about renter’s insurance coverage!

Renter’s insurance covers your property.

If someone steals an item from you while you’re at the gym, abroad, or from your rented space, you’ll be pleased to know that many renter’s insurance policies cover your personal property wherever you are. That’s right – you can reduce your grip on your laptop now knowing that it’s protected. Many times, you must show proof of ownership to your insurer if you need to file a claim, so save your receipts and take photos of your belongings.

Renter’s insurance covers the medical payments if someone is injured at your place.

Don’t leave it to the landlord to step in and help with the expenses (as they most likely won’t). Many renter’s insurance policies will cover the expense of medical bills if someone is injured while on your property.

Renter’s insurance covers additional living expenses.

When a disaster happens, the landlord may need to repair your building. That means you must stay in a hotel (or crash on a friend’s sofa) for an extended period of time. If you don’t have renter’s insurance, there’s a good chance you end up footing the bill for your hotel room. Good coverage will step in to help with these costs, such as hotel room charges, restaurant bills, and additional gas that you spend getting to work every day.

With the right renter’s insurance policy in place, you can be prepared for anything. To get started, visit the experts at Jack Stone Insurance Agency, serving Brentwood, Antioch, and surrounding areas in California.

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