Questions to Ask Your Mechanic

When your car suffers an issue, it’s essential to ask your mechanic the right questions.

Every motorist knows that cars are expensive. From financing to filling it up to expensive repairs, our mobile machines empty our pockets regularly. Fortunately, there are smart (and accessible) things that you can do to lower your output cost. One of these is to ensure that you’re not funding your mechanic to perform unnecessary repairs and upgrades. Before you take your broken car to your local garage, check out what questions to ask your mechanic.


Can I get a written estimate for the service?

Discussing your service plan up front and getting it in writing makes sure that you and your repair shop agree on what’s going to be done, as well as what you’ll pay for it. So that there are no nasty surprises lurking in your bill, always ask for a written estimate.

How long will the repair take?

Even if you think you have an idea of how much time the repair or maintenance will take, ask. Some mechanics fall victim to procrastination when the shop gets busy, which is why it’s good to ask for an approximate delivery time before dropping off your vehicle. Having a set date and time will keep your mechanic on track, so you don’t have to rely on buses for too long.

Which repairs require immediate attention and which are just recommendations?

If you lose your tie rod, you lose your steering. A tie rod that’s about to break off requires immediate attention. On the other hand, if the brake pads are almost worn down, you may be able to get away with waiting a month or two before replacing them. Bear in mind that not everything your mechanic suggests needs repairing or replacing then and there. Ask the mechanic which repairs are essential and which are merely recommended.

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