Don’t enjoy driving at night? These night-time driving tips can help!

Driving at night can represent a challenge for many. Whether you’re a new driver or have been driving for years, night-time driving means that you must face a whole host of challenges, from reduced visibility to tiredness, and driving in winter weather through the season. Reading out night-time driving tips and securing reliable auto insurance can help to protect your drive once the sun has gone down.

Don’t Drive Tired

If you’re feeling tired, don’t get behind the wheel. Driving requires a huge amount of concentration and although you may feel like you won’t get tired, driving at night goes against our natural instinct to sleep when it’s dark. Drowsy driving could be fatal. If you do start to feel tired while driving, pull over somewhere safe, get some fresh air, have a nap, or drink a caffeinated beverage.

Light the Way

Before setting off on a night drive, make sure all your exterior lights are dirt-free and that they work well. Your headlights should be switched on before sunset and kept on for around an hour after sunrise so you’re visible to other road users. Make sure your lights are positioned so they sufficiently light up the road ahead without blinding other drivers. Switch off your full beams whenever you notice an oncoming vehicle approaching.

Clean Your Windows

The slightest bit of dust or grime on your windshield could impede your vision during the night, increasing glare from oncoming vehicle lights. Make sure that you regularly clean your windows (inside and out) to reduce the chance of your vision blurring.

Drive with Care

If your visibility has reduced, you should reduce your speed, too. Make sure that you’re driving at a speed that enables you to spot hazards and react quickly. Winter road conditions can cause the road surface to be slick and slippery, meaning that your stopping distance increases significantly. Leave plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front.

Review Your Auto Insurance

Your car insurance coverage can protect you in the event of an emergency or disaster. Take the time to review your coverage so that you are adequately covered and that the limits and deductibles are right for your budget.

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