Get Ready for National Nutrition Month!

FruitsNational Nutrition Month

March is just around the corner, which means it is the perfect time to start thinking of what you are going to do to help celebrate National Nutrition Month. National Nutrition Month was started by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, as a way to bring attention to the importance of developing sound eating and physical activity, as well as making informed food choices.

Keep these tips in mind to ensure that you are ready for National Nutrition Month.

  • Create a plan – create a weekly dinner menu before the workweek starts and head out to the store to get all the ingredients that you need. Not only will creating a plan help you to take the time to make healthy choices, but it will also help to prevent you from stressing over your dinner plans at the end of the day.
  • Stock up on healthy choices – if your fridge and pantry is stocked full of healthy choices, you will be less likely to pick up an unhealthy snack. Preparing healthy choices, such as cutting up everything you need for a salad will make it much easier to pull together a delicious and healthy meal.
  • Go for fruits and vegetables – cut up fruits and veggies and put them at the front of your fridge. Creating healthy snack packs to fill up on will help curb your appetite so you do not reach for a bag of potato chips when your stomach starts grumbling.
  • Earn your calories – burning enough calories throughout the day will help you maintain a healthy weight. While you are planning your means, also make sure to plan for some type of physical activity. The more calories you burn, the more calories you can eat throughout the day without packing on the pounds.

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