Pick the Right Motorcycle Helmet with Your Insurance in Antioch, CA

Insurance in Antioch, CAThe right helmet and insurance in Antioch, CA will have you on your way to motorcycle safety!

Anyone who has ridden a motorcycle before knows the thrill of zooming along, feeling as light as a feather. While many motorists splash out on the right driving gloves and jackets, it’s essential to get fitted with the best form of physical protection: a helmet. While insurance in Antioch, CA protects your finances, the right helmet protects the most precious and fragile organ, your brain.

Forfeit Fashion
It may be tempting to get the coolest-looking helmet without taking into account any of the safety features – or lack there of. A sports bike helmet looks much different than a dirt bike or motocross helmet, and for a good reason. If you’re a daily commuter on a motorbike, you’ll need a comfortable and extremely durable helmet.

What to Look For
If you have an improper fitting helmet, it won’t do its job correctly. You want the helmet to be snug, almost to the point of being uncomfortable. You only want the skin to move, you don’t want the padding to move against the skin. When you try one on in a shop, you should keep it on for a few minutes. From this, you’ll be able to assess if there are uncomfortable pressure points that aren’t immediately obvious.

Another aspect to consider is color and design. A matte black bike with a matching jacket may look pretty neat, but you won’t be very visible to other drivers. Drivers should be aware that they face unique risks on the road, and staying visible is one way to avoid getting run into by other motorists. While not everyone wants a bright yellow helmet, it’s worth considering that contrasting colors allow people to spot you easily.

In California, the hot weather poses specific difficulties. You’ll need a helmet with a good airflow to keep cool and can close off when it’s cold or raining.

Today’s helmets offer numerous technological advances. Features like an integrated sunshade, wind reduction characteristics, and communication provisions all serve to enhance the riding experience!

Now that you’re suited and booted, get the much-needed insurance in Antioch, CA that you deserve on the roads. Contact Jack Stone Insurance Agency, serving Antioch, Brentwood, and neighboring cities in California, to receive your motorcycle coverage today!

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