Mental Health Tips for Coronavirus and Social Distancing

How to Handle the Pandemic and Social Distancing


Every day brings new updates and guidelines on how to address the current coronavirus outbreak. Yet, a key item on the list – social distancing – poses unprecedented challenges to our mental and emotional wellbeing and requires some consideration. The risk can be especially high for children who are suddenly cut off some school and friends. Here are a few mental health tips to take into account during this time.


Acknowledge what’s happening and allow yourself to feel. Denial is an adaptive skill. Don’t be ashamed of feeling scared or sad or lonely. Let yourself feel these emotions and realize that it is a challenging time.


Stay connected. Social distancing does not mean social isolation. You can still FaceTime, call, text, and have a Zoom happy hour with your friends. Stay in touch with loved ones and check in on those more vulnerable people regularly.


Try breathing exercises. Mindful breathing is where you match your in breath with your out breath and focus on scanning your body. It’s a calming technique that allows you to focus on the mind and body and bring them together. Just a few minutes of this every day can help.


Manage your news intake. It’s far too easy to get lost in social media and news on the TV that can make you feel more isolated and fearful. Being informed doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your mental health. Limit your news intake to protect your mind from getting overwhelmed.


Be kind. Check in on your loved ones and offer to help your local community. These acts don’t just help you. According to research, when you do something nice for someone else, your brain’s pleasure and reward centres light up, giving you “helper’s high.”


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