Crazy Reasons People Don’t Buy Life Insurance in Antioch, CA

Why People Don't Buy Life Insurance in Antioch, CAMany people could benefit from life insurance in Antioch, CA but still choose not to purchase a policy. We take a look into why.

There’s no question that not everyone needs life insurance, but most people do! If you don’t have dependents, there is little reason to purchase a policy that is designed to protect dependents once you pass. Even then, there are exceptions, and the Consumer Federation of American (CFA) states that those who expect family responsibility soon should opt for coverage! From Millennials feeling invincible to families living on a low income, people are finding more reasons to not get life insurance in Antioch, CA. Check out the most common:

It costs too much.
Typically, life insurance isn’t that expensive. However, the rate is determined by how old you are, how healthy (or unhealthy) you are, whether you’re a smoker, which type of life insurance you buy, and how much coverage you choose. Buying a policy while you’re younger and healthier will often serve you better than trying to find an affordable policy when you’re older. Many tend to overestimate the actual cost of life insurance – so talk to your insurance agent to find the best rate for you!

I have plenty of assets to leave my loved ones.
While that may be true, what form are those assets in at the moment? If they’re liquid, your beneficiaries are able to convert them into cash should the need arise. If they are mostly non-liquid, such as real estate or a share in a business, your loved ones will be left without immediate access to funds. Life insurance allows your loved ones to hold onto those non-liquid assets while providing them with cash to pay off debts that require immediate attention.

I’m young and healthy.
Millennials are notorious for not thinking about future circumstances. While they may be healthy and young now, 5, 10, and 30 years down the road, they may need that protection. Buying insurance while you’re in your prime means that you get to enjoy coverage and secure low rates into senior years!

I haven’t found the right policy to buy.
Fear not! Talk to the expert insurance agents at Jack Stone Insurance Agency for a reliable life insurance policy that meets your needs and budget.

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