How to Protect Your Children When Using Social Media

Parents, are your children getting more interested in joining social media sites? As a parent, it can be naïve to think that they won’t ever show any interest in the digital world. Today’s children grow up surrounded by technology and all of its wonders. As your children think about setting up a social media profile, there are some certain precautions that you can take to ensure their safety online. Here are a few tips to help you protect your kid on social media.

  • Get comfortable with the sites. You may not be on Facebook, but if your child wants to join the site, you should know what to expect. Set up a profile yourself and get familiar with the site so that you can help your child navigate the site.
  • Set up a profile with them. Alongside your child, set up their profile. Here, you can select what profile picture is appropriate, set up Parental Controls, and limit who can see your child’s posts. You can also help him or her set up a safe password.
  • Check out the friends list. Ensure that your child only accepts friend requests from people who they know in real life. You can set most sites to ‘Private’ or receive friend requests only from friends of friends. Teach your child the dangers of accepting strangers’ friends requests.
  • Encourage communication. Ensure that your child feels comfortable coming to you with issues when on social media. Whether it’s cyberbullying or inappropriate content, be sure that your child knows how to block someone and delete comments, too.
  • Set time limits. Your child shouldn’t be scrolling through social media all the time. Limit screen time when they are home from school. Ensure that your child is off social media before bed as the bright light from the screen can hinder their sleep.

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