Your Kids Will Love These Fun Twists On Typical School Lunches!

kids lunch ideas antioch caKids Lunch Ideas

While your child may not think about what is in their lunch until the lunch bell rings, chances are you stress out about it every morning. Consider these creative kids lunch ideas that can be made the night before that will get your child looking forward to more than kickball come lunch time.

  • Dinosaur sandwich – cut your child’s favorite sandwich into the shape of a dino, with a side of broccoli trees. Use a colorful marker to draw spots on a hardboiled “dino” egg that can sit on top of a nest made of pretzel sticks to complete the lunch.
  • Owl family – take a typical sandwich and transform it into two owls with Babybel cheese wheels for the eyes. Use pretzel crackers to create the wings, and throw in owl shaped zoo crackers to fill out the family.
  • Dolphins – just like the dinosaur, simply cut out your child’s favorite sandwich into the shape of a couple dolphin. Blue Jell-O can be used as an ocean background for a clementine boat with a cheese sail, all held together with a toothpick. The dolphin lunch wouldn’t be complete without a couple Goldfish crackers as little dolphin friends!
  • Pac-Man – introduce your child to one of your favorite childhood activities with a Pac-Man lunch! Skip the top piece of bread and lay a piece of cheddar cheese cut into the iconic shape. Lay out the rest of the lunch box with snacks for Pac-Man to eat, such as cherries or strawberry slices to create a well-balanced meal.

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