Keep Your Holiday Finances In Check With These Apps

Use these smartphone apps to help avoid debt this holiday season.

During the holiday season, it is easy to loose track of how much you are spending on gifts and travel expenses. Luckily, there are many apps that are available that can help you keep your spending on track this season. Download these apps for finances to your phone to help avoid any holiday debt.

Cashbook Expense Tracker give you the opportunity to log your expenses with the “Add Transaction” option. You simply fill out a form with the required data, including a category, or take a picture of the receipt to enter in how much you spent. You can even track your mileage with the GPS feature to help you determine how far you travel this season.

Expense Manager helps to make managing your expenses simple while giving you access to advanced features if you need them. The app has clearly marked buttons that allow you to add incomes and expenses on the main menu. It also has an “auto fill” feature where you can create prepopulated templets for your most common expenses.

Hello Expense is the perfect app if you are looking for a a no-frills expense tracking app. The simple design makes it very easy to enter information on the go. You can view your expenses by day, week, month, year, or category, and you have the option to export your files as a Quicken or CSV file.

Receipts Pro give you the ability to separate your expenses into various accounts, such as personal or business. Within each account, you can break it down further by categories. When you add in a receipt, you can enter in up to 8 custom fields, including notes, the date, and if the expense is recurring or not.

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