How to Keep Your Children’s Minds Engaged During Summer Break

Continue Learning in Summer Break

The weather is hot and school is out, but learning experiences shouldn’t end there. The summer months can provide plenty of learning opportunities to continue a child’s advancement through different activities and programs. To help avoid a loss of knowledge, here are some helping brain-boosting activities to keep your child’s mind sharp this summer.

Family Fun

Is your family planning a vacation? Even a short one-night camping getaway can provide a variety of life lessons and unexpected learning experiences. Visit a national park and historical sites for a chance to learn more about nature and culture.

Visit the Library

Encourage your child to pick out a couple of different books from the library to entertain them all summer long! Many libraries also offer programs to get children involved. Look for arts-and-crafts programs at your local library, such as an origami class or doodling session, for additional ways to get your child thinking.


Encourage older kids to stay active in the community during the summer by volunteering for a local organization such as an animal shelter, homeless shelter or senior home. Volunteering provides valuable experience by helping students develop leadership and job skills, exposing them to potential career opportunities.

Stay Active and Healthy

In addition to academic risks, children can also be at an increased risk of weight gain when they are out of school during the summer months. Take advantage of the warmer weather and keep you active outdoors.

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