It Is National Blood Donor Month!

Blood Guy Asking You To DonateNational Blood Donor Month

It is time to roll up your sleeves to help those in need. January is National Blood Donor Month, which is the perfect time to donate blood to help save lives. National Blood Donor Month was started in 1970 to help bring attention to the need for blood, especially during the winter. It also helps to recognize everyone who takes the time to donate blood.

You do not need to have a special reason to donate blood. No matter if you are donating blood because you know someone who needs blood or just because you feel that it is the right thing to do, each time you donate blood you have the chance to save up to three lives. There is a constant need for blood, and every time you donate, you can feel good knowing that you have done your part to help save a life.

The process to donate blood is very fast and easy. After a mini-physical to check your pulse, hemoglobin level, blood pressure, and temperature, you are set up in a comfortable chair. The actual donation process when donating blood takes around 10 minutes and uses a very small needle that feels like a quick pinch. If you are donating plasma, red cells, or platelets, the donation process can take up to 2 hours. After you are done donating, you get to relax and enjoy something to drink and a tasty snack.

Jack Stone Insurance Agency Inc. in Brentwood, California would like to encourage you to do your part in giving back to those in need.


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