insurance antioch caWhy Newlyweds Should Think About Antioch, CA Insurance 

Getting married is thrilling! It also comes with a lot of life changes (obviously). While you and your spouse are still enjoying the newlywed glow, you probably have an increasingly lengthy list of to-dos. From figuring out your living situation to filing the right marriage paperwork to writing those dreaded thank you cards, you have a lot to worry about.

Fortunately, you can give yourself one less thing to worry over by purchasing the right Antioch, CA insurance policies. Here are a few types of coverage newlyweds need.

  • Home or Renters Insurance: Did you know that your renters or homeowners insurance policy will not just protect the structure in which you live, but also the stuff you store in it? That is right, your home or renters policy can protect your personal belongings, including all the wedding gifts you received. Make sure you have the right policy in place to protect your home, your personal property, and your liability.
  • Auto Insurance: You already know that you need to carry the legally-mandated levels of liability coverage, but you may be surprised to learn that those costs will go down after you are married. Because married drivers are statistically safer drivers, they get discounts on their car coverage.
  • Life Insurance: When you purchase a life insurance policy, you ensure that the financial future you and your spouse are building together is not capsized by a tragedy. Protect your husband or wife’s stability with this type of coverage.

You have enough to worry about (and be excited about!) when setting up your new life together. Why not let the pros handle your insurance needs? To ensure you put the right policies at the right prices in place to protect your new life, contact Jack Stone Insurance Agency in Antioch. We are here to make sure you have the best California coverage in place.

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