May Is National Barbecue Month!

Insurance Quotes Antioch CAStaying Safe While You Grill

We are already half way through May, which means warmer weather and longer days are coming our way. To take advantage of the nice days, you probably want to take your cooking outside. You are not alone; May is National Barbecue Month! So you can enjoy the coming seasons, here are a few barbecue safety tips.

  • Get Legal: Make sure you brush up on state and community fire codes to ensure you are in compliance. For example, California fire code prohibits charcoal grills on combustible balconies or decks or within 10 feet of combustible, non-sprinkler-fitted construction in apartments, condos, and townhouses.
  • Look For Leaks: To avoid gas leaks, rub dish soap and water onto your gas grill’s hoses and connections and turn it on (do not light it). If you see any bubbles form, you may have a leak.
  • Clean Up: Grease and fat left on the grill can cause a serious flare-up, so make sure that you clean your grill grates after every use. Also, regularly clean underneath your grates.
  • Light Right: For a charcoal grill, use only a little lighter fluid on cool coals to get your fire started. If you have a gas grill, always light it with the lid open. If it will not light right away, leave it off for five minutes before trying again to let excess gas dissipate.

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