Humorous Auto Insurance Claims

Happy family looking at laptopFunny Car Insurance Claims

While most car accidents are not a laughing matter, some people have gotten themselves into some very humorous situations. If you are having a bad day after getting into a car accident, keep these funny car insurance claim incidents in mind to help take your mind off of your crash.

  • One person made a claim to their auto insurance company for driving into a bus on their way to work in the morning. Their reasoning was that the bus was 5 minutes early.
  • After getting into an accident while speeding, the claimant confessed that they did not think that the speed limit applied when driving after midnight.
  • When making a claim for a hit and run accident, the driver said that an invisible car came out of nowhere, hit their car, and then vanished.
  • Filing a claim after hitting a telephone pole, the claimant said that the telephone pole was approaching, causing them to swerve out of the way, ending with them striking the front end.
  • With an unavoidable crash coming up, one driver admitted to stepping on the gas, which caused them to crash into the other car.
  • Playing the blame game, one driver said that they did not know who was at fault for the accident, but they do not think that an accident would have occurred if the other driver had been alert.
  • While trying to get some fresh air, one driver made a claim for a broken window after finding out that it will still rolled up when trying to put their head through it.

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