How You Can Save Money on Your California Auto Insurance

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Auto insurance is not only the best way to keep you protected on the road, but it is also required by law. While there is no way to avoid paying the premiums that come along with investing in the right auto insurance policy, there are some ways to help keep it low.

Thanks to Proposition 103 that passed in 1988, the California good driver discount became a law. When the law passed, it required auto insurance companies to lower their rates by at least 20 percent for good drivers. The law also requires all auto insurance companies to get any rate increase approved by the California Department of Insurance.

In order to qualify for the good driver discount and start saving money, you have to have been a licensed driver for at least three years, even if those three years were not spent driving in California. During those years, you could not have been found to be at fault for an accident that caused any injury or death, or more than $1,000 worth of property damage. In California, you are “at fault” for an accident if you caused 51 percent or more of the accident. You are also not allowed to have any points on your license to qualify. If you are receiving the discount and get a point on your license or are at fault for an accident, your auto insurance company can take away your discount.

It is important to keep in mind that all auto insurance companies are required to offer the discount to anyone who qualifies for it, so if you forgot to ask, do not worry! Your insurance agent would have told you that you qualified for the discount when you renewed your policy or invested in a new policy.

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