How Tickets can Affect your Auto Insurance

Tickets can not only cost a lot of money to pay off, but they can also cost you money in your insurance premiums. The amount that tickets raise the price of your insurance is a closely guarded secret of insurance companies, experts agree that even a minor ticket will make your insurance premiums increase by 10 to 15 percent.

A minor violation is not a very serious violation. They include violations such as improper turns or going slightly above the speed limit. Minor violations are taken care of in traffic court, with penalties that are not very high. Correctable violations are also taken care of in traffic court, and include violations such as having a broken taillight or window tint that is too dark. If the fee associated with a correctable violation is paid, then it will not go onto your driving record.

More serious offenses are major violations. These include offenses such as a DUI, hit and run, and vehicular manslaughter. All of these violations are taken care of in criminal court, and depending on the violation, could lead to jail time. Major violations have much bigger fines associated with them.

For each minor or major violation, you get a certain number of points on your license. The number of points that you get depends on the severity of the violation. These points will stay on your license for a number of years. If you get to many points in a certain amount of time, the DMV can suspend your license, or revoke your driving privileges altogether. Auto insurance providers may also choose to not insure you if you have too many points. They may also choose to not renew your insurance if you get to many points before you are looking to renew your policy.

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