How Customizing Your Motorcycle May Alter Your Insurance Coverage

Motorcycling is a popular hobby. Thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts visit special trade shows and exhibits every year. Many others join motorcycle clubs in order to express their love for motorcycling with others. Perhaps you enjoy riding a motorcycle because it allows you to express your creativity. You can also enjoy a sense of freedom because you have the ability to hit the road whenever you like and experience new adventures. It’s important that you have protection in place because riding a motorcycle comes with multiple risks. Now that you have obtained motorcycle insurance, perhaps you’re thinking about making upgrades to your motorcycle to help further express your individuality. Be aware that you’ll have to adjust your insurance policy. Here’s a look at the process of securing motorcycle insurance for customized motorcycles.

  • Basic Information

    If you have a custom motorcycle, you’ll have to alter your insurance policy instead of simply relying on comprehensive and collision coverage. Your insurance rates will change based on the level of modifications to your motorcycle, the increased level of risk, and your current motorcycle insurance premiums.

  • Optional Equipment Replacement Cost

    Perhaps one of your primary reasons for modifying your motorcycle is to increase its value. It’s recommended that you speak with your insurance agent to make sure that you are covered if a loss occurs. One possible solution is equipment replacement coverage. The policy covers any replacement parts for your custom motorcycle as long as the modifications were made within the last five years.

  • Equipment Enhancements

    Equipment enhancement coverage protects you if accessories such as alarms, stereo systems, and antennas are damaged. You’re also covered if an attached trailer suffers damages. The policy also covers any damages to your plating, exhaust, or custom paint job.

  • Attachments

    As previously noted, some motorcycle owners opt to attach trailers or sidecars to the end of their motorcycles. It’s recommended that you contact your insurer if you plan to attach trailers or sidecars to your motorcycle so that they can help you explore your options. If you’re towing a trailer and it accidentally hits something, your property damage liability coverage steps in. You may be asked to add the trailer as an endorsement to your policy; otherwise, you won’t be covered if your trailer accidentally injures someone or causes property damage.

  • Things To Consider

    Most motorcycle insurance policies include some level of equipment coverage. While this coverage may protect you if the basic motorcycle features are damaged, you’ll need to amend your policy if you plan to customize your motorcycle completely. While researching motorcycle insurance for customized motorcycles, it’s recommended that you pay close attention to how your premiums may change.

    Engine enhancements increase your liability risks because you’ll be traveling at higher speeds. One minor mistake could lead to you suffering a serious injury or injuring someone else. As a result, your insurance premiums will rise. Your insurer could also raise your premiums based on the level of customized parts that you add to your motorcycle. Customized parts are generally harder to replace and repair if something happens to them. To offset those risks, your insurer will likely raise your premiums.

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