How to Ensure Your Homeowners Insurance in Antioch Protects You from Disasters

Avoid being underinsured by reviewing your homeowners insurance in Antioch.

For most homeowners, their house is their greatest asset. Full of memories, belongings, and fun times ahead, it becomes incredibly important to protect it from disaster. To do this, make sure that you review your homeowners insurance in Antioch so that you know you’re covered, should a tragedy strike.

Do I have enough insurance to rebuild my home?

Your policy needs to cover the cost of rebuilding your home at current construction costs. Some homeowners simply purchase enough insurance to satisfy their mortgage lender. Others confuse the real estate value of their home with what it would cost to rebuild it. Always ensure that you have enough insurance to rebuild your home if it is destroyed.

Do I have enough insurance to replace all of my possessions?

Most homeowners insurance policies cover 50 to 70 percent of your belongings, depending on how much coverage you opt for purchasing. The best way to determine if you have enough insurance is to conduct a home inventory, which details everything you own and the estimated cost to replace the items. Consider which coverage you choose, too. A cash value policy pays the cost of replacing your belongings minus depreciation. A replacement cost policy reimburses you for the full current cost of replacing your items.

Do you have additional living expenses coverage?

If an accident destroys your home, you may be forced to live elsewhere while your home is getting repaired. Additional living expenses coverage means that you don’t have to face the hotel bills, restaurant costs, and extra transportation fees all on your own.

Do I have enough insurance to protect my assets?

It’s also important to have adequate liability protection. This covers you against lawsuits for bodily injury or property damage that you or your family members may cause to other people. Liability insurance pays for the cost of defending you in court and for any damages a court rules you must pay – up to the limits of your policy.

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