Home Issues That CostFix these home issues that cost before they wear on your wallet.

Homeowners will know, that not matter how big or small their property is, there are always maintenance tasks to be done. Some, like a paint touch-up here or a new light fixture there, can wait. Others, you shouldn’t put off. Certain home issues cost a significant amount when you neglect to fix them in time. Simple maintenance tasks now can prevent big, dangerous, and costly problems in the future!

Here are four fixes that shouldn’t wait!

A leaking roof

Even a small roof leak lets water into your attic, ceiling, and walls. From decorative damage to structural damage, a leaking roof can be dangerous to your home and wallet. Fix minor roof repairs when needed, always keep your gutters clear, and direct downspouts away from your home’s foundation.

Faulty wiring

Damaged or incorrectly installed electrical wiring is a serious fire hazard. It can heat up and smolder for months with you being none the wiser. Note if your house experiences any unplanned power outages, flickering lights, or has any loose plugs as these could be signs of trouble. If you have concerns, hire a professional to inspect your electrical system and have the problems repaired by a pro!

Poor plumbing

Faulty plumbing, leaking taps, and old pipes can cause more than a giant flooded mess. If there are problems with the pipes or water heater, you could burn yourself from scalding water. Call out your local plumber to fix any issues that you’re having with plumbing, and fix leaking faucets right away.

Structural issues

Look for major cracks or flaws in the foundation, sloping floors, or damaged siding. These imperfections could be a sign of a structural problem. Get a professional inspector take a look and address structural issues earlier rather than later.

Being a homeowner means giving your property TLC now and again. To help protect your home, belongings, and finances, contact Jack Stone Insurance Agency for the homeowners insurance in Brentwood, Antioch, and neighboring cities in California that your house needs and deserves.

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