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You have put in the time and energy to secure a homeowners insurance policy, and now all of your personal property is protected, right? Wrong. If you do not have a carefully documented home inventory, it can be difficult to secure the reimbursements you will need to replace each item in the event of a natural disaster, home fire, or thieves.

Of course, you know to put grandma’s antique ring and your expensive electronics under your policy, but it can seem daunting to make sure every individual item in your home is properly documented. The amount of work it will take to create a proper home inventory, however, is a drop in the bucket compared to the difficulty of trying to replace all of your possessions without a record.

The hardest part of making your home inventory list can be deciding where to start. Pick just one room and begin there. Take photos of each item and, whenever possible, photos of the receipts so your insurance provider can be sure to get you the full amount. If taking photos seems too tedious, you can also create a home inventory video- just be sure to take the time to capture smaller items.

When creating your list, be as specific as possible. The more detail you can capture, the easier it will be to file a claim and secure reimbursements. Some online programs offer home inventory services and can guide you through the process to make sure you include the right information.

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