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Stretching your legs on a local hiking trail is one of the best ways to make the most out of the late spring temperatures. The next time you are planning on heading out and enjoying the fresh air, make sure to consider these popular hiking trails in the local area.

Mount Diablo’s Grand Loop takes you 6.2 miles around one of the highest peaks in the Bay Area. Make sure to plan out half a day so that you can fully enjoy what this trail has to offer. Depending on the weather, you may be able to see Mount Lassen, the Farallon Islands, and the Sierra Nevada.

If you are looking for an easy, family friendly hike, then make sure to check out the Big Break Regional Shoreline Exploration trail. The Big Break Regional Shoreline is part of the San Francisco/San Joaquin Delta estuary, which is one of the largest estuarine environments on the Pacific coast. The area is full of many native animals that you can see on your hike, including 70 species of birds, muskrats, beavers, and river otters.

New Brushy Peak Loop was opened in 2008 and is a 4.6 mile loop that takes hikers to a simple 950 foot elevation, making it perfect for a family outing, including your four legged family members. The peak of the trail was once used by Charles Lindberg on his Bay Area flights. Keep in mind that the area can be very hot and dry, so bring plenty of water.

All of us at Jack Stone Insurance Agency in Brentwood, California would like to encourage you and your family to head out and enjoy these hiking trails this season!

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