Prepare Your Home for Halloween Fun 

Candy, costumes, and fun – Halloween is about to roll around again! While you may have the candy for the trick-or-treaters at the ready and your fake blood ready, have you prepared your home for Halloween? To avoid any nightmares this Halloween, check out these tips.

Light the way. Halloween trick-or-treaters may be visiting your house in the dark, which means your pathways should be lit up sufficiently. If you don’t already have exterior lights, install some now before trips and falls occur.

Use LED candles. Safeguard your home from a fire risk by using LED lights in candles instead of a naked flame. You get the same effect but without the risk!

Prep the paths. Walk around your property and ensure there are no cracks in the slabs, loose gravel or hosepipes in the way. Tidy up before little ones visit your property.

Shut the pet out. Your dog or cat may start to get agitated when there are frequent knocks from trick-or-treaters or a house full of party guests. To prevent your pets from lashing out at the guests or knocking people over, shut him or her in a room away from the front door.

Review home insurance. Your home coverage can help to protect you from nightmares that occur on Halloween – as long as you have the right coverage. Talk to your insurer to make sure you have adequate coverage in place!

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