Fun Staycation Ideas for Families

This summer, your plans to visit a theme park or a foreign land may have been canceled. You may even decide not to risk it this year, and stay at home instead. Having a staycation with the family doesn’t mean you need to repaint the house or skip over fun altogether. A staycation is a great opportunity to spend quality time with the family without going away.


Ways to Have Fun at Home with the Family This Summer


  • Go on a scavenger hunt

Set up a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood and encourage the kids to solve the clues in order to win the prize at the end. Make it so they have to spot local wildlife, identify trees and plants, and learn more about the history of the area. Not only is this fun, but it’s a great way to inspire learning!


  • Camp out in the backyard

Pitch the tent and grab the sleeping bags! Camping in your own backyard is an excellent way to teach your children the basics of camping, while changing up the scenery. Make it an authentic experience by leaving phones inside the house, roasting marshmallows outside, telling ghost stories, and sleeping underneath the stars.


  • Create a movie

Grab the video camera – or your smartphone – and document your weekend. Have the kids take videos and photos of experiences, then create a trailer of your weekend with an editing app. Watch it back as a family and store it safely so you can view it again in years to come.


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