Stay Calm Behind the Wheel with These Tips 

We’ve all been there. Whether someone cut in front of us, a tourist is driving well below the speed limit in front of us, or rush hour is taking its toll on our patience, it’s natural to feel angry behind the wheel at some point. However, when we get extremely frustrated and stressed, it can put ourselves and others in danger. To help you control your road rage behind the wheel, read on.

  1. Leave plenty of time. If you need to be somewhere for a specific time, leave enough time to get there. Map out your route if you are unsure and plan a couple of alternatives in case there are roadworks or accidents. When we aren’t pressed for time, we have a better chance of staying calm.
  2. Be tolerant. Every other driver isn’t looking to ruin your day. Their driving may be irritating, but it’s likely that they are not doing it on purpose. Realize that getting angry will not help the situation so that you can find your peace behind the wheel.
  3. The driver who is going 10 mph below the speed limit may be lost. The driver that cut in front of you may be late for an important meeting. Getting annoyed and angry at them will not change anything and can lead to an ugly escalation.
  4. Focus on your own driving. Being a courteous driver isn’t difficult. Use your signals, avoid tailgating, and don’t text and drive. Know that if there’s one thing you can control, it’s your own driving.
  5. Ignore it. If another driver is aggressive, confrontational, and shaking their fist at you, simply ignore them. Avoid eye contact and carry on with your journey.

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