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During this age of do-it-yourself with tutorials at the click of a button, it’s easy for many to skip the cost of a proper electrician and attempt repairs themselves! When it comes to electrical problems, this can be a costly mistake to make so make sure your homeowners insurance in Antioch, CA is up to date.

To kick off your Wednesday morning, here’s a chuckle at epic fails that occurred when people DIY electrical issues!

  • Shocking E-Mail
    “I had to replace an outlet, so I shut off the proper circuit breaker and checked the outlet with a voltage tester. The power was off. I started unscrewing the wire from the outlet, and just as the screwdriver touched the head of the terminal screw, someone sent me an e-mail, which caused the BlackBerry phone hanging at my hip to vibrate. Thinking I was being electrocuted, I threw the screwdriver across the room, where it crashed right through the window. This is one time that hiring an electrician might have been cheaper.”
  • Duct-Tape Fail!
    “I finally installed a programmable thermostat to cut energy costs. The job went well — or so I thought! The house turned into a nose-numbing 45 degrees. I removed the new thermostat and duct-taped the old one back in place; I’d figure out the problem after work. When I heard the heat turn on, I smiled and went back to bed.
    When I walked into the house that afternoon, a blast of hot air hit me. During the day, the weight of the old thermostat had pulled the duct tape from the wall, leaving the thermostat set in the “on” position. The gauge read a toasty 110 degrees!”
  • What Instructions?
    “I was in a hurry to get a new ceiling fan installed before my wife got home, so I didn’t read the red tag attached to the fan and proceeded with the job. I finished the wiring just as she walked through the door. I flipped the switch, anticipating her admiration. The fan spun faster and faster—then crashed to the floor. While cleaning up the broken bits, I found that red tag, which said something about proper support.”

Although it’s at the expense of other’s misfortunes of learning the hard way, the best plan of attack when you face an electrical problem is to call an electrician! For the property protection of your home and finances, contact Jack Stone Insurance Agency for your Antioch, CA homeowners insurance! Providing quality protection, your home, savings, and family can be kept safe throughout electrical mishaps!


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