Does Life Insurance Provide Coverage for a Plane Crash?

Over the years, with the number of air crashes on the decline, flying has become safer but plane crashes cannot yet be ruled out completely. As a frequent flyer or a pilot, you must know whether your life insurance covers you if you get into a crash. Generally, plane crashes are covered in most life insurance policies.  However, depending on the terms and conditions of your insurance, there might be some exceptions.

So, to find out if you are protected by your life insurance coverage if you get into a plane crash, keep reading!

Life Insurance Coverage for Plane Crashes

With airlines going all out to make flying a safe experience for everyone, pilots and passengers, insurance providers no longer regard flying as high-risk. Moreover, statistically speaking, people are more prone to dying in a car accident than in a plane crash. Even though the chances are thin, there still is a possibility of your plane crashing. If you are wondering, if will you get life insurance coverage, the answer in most cases is yes.

If you are a pilot, attendant, or flyer on a commercial airline, when your plane crashes, you will be covered by your life insurance.

Exclusions in Life Insurance for Plane Crashes

There are some exclusions, however, that you must know about:

  • If you are an inexperienced pilot and you are flying a plane for recreational purposes and it is a non-standard aircraft, then you will be issued an aviation rider by your insurance company. These riders may deny providing you life insurance coverage and may even increase your premiums considerably after the crash.
  • If you have a pilot’s license and you fly as a hobbyist, you are at a high risk of committing errors that could be fatal. Also, the maintenance of these planes can be a matter of concern. The insurance company won’t provide insurance coverage in such a case.
  • If you are flying a helicopter and it has an equipment failure due to lack of maintenance, then your insurance company can deny life insurance coverage.

Life Insurance Coverage Options for Private Pilots

Commercial pilots are, in most cases, fully covered by their life insurance but private pilots may find it difficult to get the right life insurance coverage for a plane crash. So, if you are a private pilot, to get the best coverage at an affordable cost, you must:

  • Look for quotes from multiple insurance providers
  • Specify if an aviation rider is added to the policy
  • Know the details of the rider
  • Furnish correct personal information on your insurance application
  • Lower your death benefit for lower premiums
  • Stay healthy for lower premium rates

Final Word

Accidents do happen! Even though plane crashes are rare but they can happen. While commercial flight accidents are usually covered in life insurance policies, private aircraft and pilots may need added coverage in their life insurance as they are considered high-risk.

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