Didn’t Get the Other Driver’s Info in an Accident? Here’s What to Do

What to Do If You Don’t Have Information on the Other Driver 

It’s natural to get flustered in a car accident. More often than not, we can forget to take down information from the other driver or miss taking pictures of the vehicle damage. However, calming down and remembering important tips can help make sure you don’t miss a beat. If you have recently been involved in an accident with another driver and have forgotten to take down their information, here’s what to do.

If you forgot to get their information:

  • Make sure no one is injured. Call emergency services if anyone is hurt or if you think you may have got whiplash – the symptoms aren’t always present immediately
  • Call the police in the event of an accident, even if no one is injured and there is minor damage. When the police arrive on scene, make sure you ask for a copy of their report.
  • Write down everything you can remember about the vehicle, driver, and sequence of events.
  • Call your insurance company. Notifying them is helpful in case the other party somehow gets in touch with them.

If the other driver refuses to give you their information:

  • Call the police – especially if the other driver is not cooperating with you. Officers may be able to get information out of them that you are unable to obtain on your own.
  • Stay calm and keep your cool. If the other driver is being aggressive, stay in your car with the windows rolled up and do not engage. 

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