Stay calm on the roads by knowing how to deal with road rage.

A learner driver goes ten mph below the speed limit, a tourist cuts you off, someone in a hurry tailgates you all the way to your freeway exit – we’ve all been there. We’ve all felt frustrated on the roads, whether it’s due to traffic, bad drivers, or construction. While many of us keep our cool and just remember that it’ll be over soon, others get angry – visibly angry. Taking your frustrations out on the road and other drivers is sure to be a recipe for disaster! For a safe drive, learn how to deal with road rage.

  • Take deep, controlled breaths to relieve muscular tension.
  • Take a break if you need to – Don’t keep driving if you feel like it’s not safe
  • Focus on the road ahead. It sounds obvious, but try not to go over the stressful incident in your head.
  • Don’t take it personally. Don’t slam on your brakes to teach the guy behind you a lesson. That’s a good way to make things worse or cause an accident.
  • Don’t have expectations of others. Even if you’re a considerate person behind the wheel, others many not. Lose the expectations and always drive defensively.
  • Practice safe and considerate driving, no matter what others are doing. Avoid speeding, cutting in line, and tailgating.
  • Don’t provoke angry drivers. An offended driver can turn dangerous very quickly. If you see someone driving erratically, move away as soon as possible.
  • Turn on relaxing music if you find yourself getting worked up.
  • Remember that accidents and violent offenses are more expensive than waiting out traffic or taking a five-minute break to cool off.

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