Create a Strong Password

Check out these tips to help keep your private information private!

Creating a strong password can often seem like a daunting task, especially when each account you create encourages you to create a completely new password. As a result, you may just be using one password that could be easily guessed by anyone who knows you (or someone who doesn’t – ‘password’ isn’t fooling anyone).

In this digital era of hackers, crackers, and wandering eyes at coffee shops, maintaining your Internet security is imperative! Scrap the list of log in IDs that you keep stored in your wallet, here are the top tips to create a strong password:

  • Use a phrase and incorporate shortcut codes or acronyms. As well as being personal, but not too personal, it has a mix of characters.
    For example: 2BorNot2B_ThatIsThe? (To be or not to be, that is the question – from Shakespeare).
  • Use passwords with common elements but customized to specific sites. This helps you to stay consistent!
    For example ABT2-uz-AMZ (about to use Amazon)
    ABT2-uz-FBK (about to use Facebook)
  • Play with your keyboard! You don’t have to think of a password as a word. Think of it as a shape that you draw on the keyboard.
    For example: 1qazxdrthmko – creates a ‘W’ if they were joined up the keyboard.
  • Use emoticons. Many accounts allow, and even encourage at least one ‘special’ character. So make your password fun!
    For example: Disneyland!:)

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