Common Summer Motorcycle Maintenance Tasks

It’s summer and that means many of us are enjoying the sun and more time outdoors. For motorcyclists, it means making the most of the warmer weather and open roads. It’s the perfect time to take a road trip out of town or explore a route you haven’t taken before. With summer, however, comes the need for a motorcycle maintenance check. Along with securing the right motorcycle insurance in Brentwood, CA, take a look at these maintenance tasks.


Motorcycle Maintenance Tasks to Do Yourself


Change the oil

To keep the engine running properly, you’ll need to change the oil after several thousand miles (double-check the owner’s manual to find out how often). With the engine off and the bike standing upright, remove the drain plug as well as the oil fill plug, letting the oil escape into a drain pan. Next, install a new oil filter, put back any parts you’ve removed, and refill using a funnel and the proper amount and type of oil. Replace the oil fill cap.


Replace the air filter

Your bike’s performance can suffer if you don’t change the air filter regularly. Dirt and debris can clog up the filter, making your bike work harder to perform. Be sure to change it often so that your motorcycle runs at its peak performance.


Maintain tire pressure and tread

Test the pounds per square inch (PSI) in the tires when they are cool. If they are below the manufacturer’s recommended amount, top them up with air. Let out some air if you over-inflate. To see how the tread is doing, check the tire’s wear indicator – a little rubber knob that resides in the grooves of the tire. If the knob is at the same level of rubber that meets the road, it’s time for a tire replacement.


Check the lights

Even if you only plan on riding during the day, having fully functioning lights and turn signals is a must. They have a direct impact on your safety. If your lights aren’t working, then cars and other motorists won’t be able to tell if you’re braking or merging into a new lane.


These are all things that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to a responsible bike owner, but it never hurts to be reminded to prep your bike for summer riding. Ensure that you have secure motorcycle insurance to protect your vehicle from accidents and damage. Talk to the team at Jack Stone Insurance Agency to get started on your reliable coverage.

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