Dispelling 8 Common Motorcycle Insurance Myths

As a motorcycle owner, when you look for insurance for your vehicle, you may have certain insurance-related misconceptions that may deter you from selecting the right insurance coverage.

This blog discusses eight common motorcycle insurance myths and dispels any misconception that you may have regarding the mentioned myths. Let’s see what the myths are!

Motorcycle Insurance Is Expensive

Among the most common motorcycle insurance myths is the assumption that motorcycle insurance is expensive. It may be due to the higher risk factor associated with motorcycles. However, it is a given that if you do not have insurance coverage, in the event of damage or injuries, the out-of-pocket expenses can be much higher than the premiums.

Your motorcycle insurance premiums may vary based on several factors, such as:

  • Type of motorcycle
  • Driving record
  • Coverage types and limits in your policy
  • Location
  • Claim history
  • Credit score

You can have more affordable motorcycle insurance if you have a clean driving and claims record and buy only as much coverage as is needed.

No Impact of Car Insurance Rates on Motorcycle Insurance Rates

Another common motorcycle insurance myth is that your auto insurance claim history doesn’t impact your insurance rates. While car insurance and motorcycle insurance are two separate insurance products, an insurance claim history for a car accident can affect your motorcycle insurance rates even if you buy them from different insurance providers.

Not Filing Claims Will Prevent an Increase in Premiums

Your insurer will be in the dark about an accident if you do not file a claim after an accident, which is a myth. Insurance companies may not necessarily rely on you but rather on several sources to get information regarding accidents or traffic misdemeanors.

Friend’s Insurance Covers Your Motorcycle When Borrowed

A friend who borrows your motorcycle may have insurance. Still, since the vehicle is insured in your name, it will be reflected in your insurance claims history and may lead to higher premiums if they get in an accident.

Parking Tickets Rev Up Motorcycle Insurance Rates

An interesting motorcycle insurance myth is that receiving parking tickets may raise your insurance rates. However, while receiving parking tickets may not have that much impact, several unpaid tickets may hike your insurance rates.

Minimum Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Sufficient

The risks for motorcycle owners are higher, so minimum insurance coverage may not ensure sufficient security. You must buy the right coverages for maximum protection based on your usage and other important factors.

Canceling Motorcycle Insurance During Winter

Terminating your policy during winter months when you cannot use your motorcycle due to inclement weather conditions or unsafe roads exposes your motorcycle to off-road risks, and your insurer may charge you more or deny renewal if you do so each year.

At-Fault Driver Pays for Damages

The at-fault driver always paying for your loss is another motorcycle insurance myth. Whether they pay depends on your state insurance laws and their auto insurance coverage.

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